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About Hinckley The Brand

The Hinckley Company has been in business since 1928. They started out as the Manset Boatyard in Southwest Harbor, Maine. In 1933, Henry T. Hinckley built his first boat, Ruthyeolyn, a 36-foot fisherman with beautiful lines. Today, the company boasts a collection of motor cruisers and picnic boats including an electric model..

Dasher Electric

The future is here. Since 1928, Hinckley has been leading the way in the design of beautiful, highly innovative and timeless yachts. In 2017, Dasher launched as the world’s first fully electric luxury yacht. Today, Dasher 2.0 brings new innovations such as extended range, improved protection from the elements, and a completely redesigned interior for maximum comfort.

The Shape of the Future

Designed from the ground up for fully electric propulsion, Dasher achieves a new standard of excellence with modern styling paired with super lightweight construction. From her carbon-epoxy composite hull, to her hand-painted, lightweight Artisanal Teak, every ounce of weight has been shaved and every curve sculpted.

The Sound of Silence

Arriving not with a roar, but with our silent Whisper Drive propulsion system powered by dual BMW i3 lithium ion batteries, the shape of the future is also the sound of silence. The result is a serenity not easily found. Time to reconnect with friends and family, sharing a conversation and enjoying quiet, quality time together. With zero emissions and zero time lost traveling to the pump and back, it’s not what we’ve added to Dasher but what we’ve removed that you’ll love most.

Talaria 55 MKII

From the signature toe rail with its sinuous curve and deep gloss finish, to the sculpted helm station, the fit and finish of this yacht is exquisite. The options you may add to your Talaria 55 are many and varied. Ask us about customisation.

Talaria 48 MKII

In a thorough redesign of the Talaria 48, the MKII brings the galley up, enhancing the social experience aboard. Panoramic views from the enclosed pilothouse make the experience on the water comfortable, even when the sun is too strong or the weather begins to turn.

Talaria 43 MKII

Hinckley’s patented disappearing enclosure at the aft end of the salon electrically retracts the glass windows, then with a simple slide of the half-door, you’ve created a seamless single-level, open-air express from cockpit to salon to the helm and galley. Closed, you’ve got a secure motor-yacht interior you can air condition or heat as you wish.

Sport Boat 40C

Sport Boat 40C

The Hinckley Sport Boat 40c is designed from the outset for outboard propulsion and purpose-built for offshore performance. The key design parameters are agile handling, offshore comfort, and ease of use. The Sport Boat 40c is built of lightweight epoxy-infused carbon fiber and Kevlar™ with Hinckley’s world renowned craftsmanship.

Sport Boat 40X

Hinckley use lightweight epoxy-infused carbon fiber and Kevlar™ because it’s the right way to build strong, tough and durable yachts that stand the test of time. They guarantee their hulls and decks for life. The hull design is fresh off the drawing board of the legendary Ray Hunt Design studio and is a modern update on the Deep V ride renowned for fast and safe performance in a seaway.

Runabout 34

Nothing else on the water so deftly merges the style and grace of yesterday with the technology of tomorrow as a Hinckley runabout. And while its beauty may take you back, many of the Runabouts’ delights lie beneath the skin in the form of powerful engines and stiff carbon fiber and Kevlar hulls that track laser-true at speed.

Countless design ideas have been distilled to offer all of the amenities needed for a perfect day on the water. Even from across the marina, the sweeping sheerlines and teak-trimmed, retro-style windshields and curves draw your gaze like a magnet.

Waterjet propulsion offers an easy, efficient, and environmentally sound way to carve through the water. And the sit-down steering console features a varnished teak dash – the ideal place from which to command over 32 knots of performance.

Picnic Boat 40

In nearly 90 years of building the world’s most iconic yachts, Hinckley set a new standard with the Picnic Boat that has captured imaginations everywhere. Beautiful lines, innovative systems and thoroughbred performance are hallmarks.

Hinkley 37 Mk III

Hinckley invented an entirely new class of boat with the introduction of the original Picnic Boat nearly 25 years ago. Picnic Boats are open-air express yachts designed for relaxing and entertaining. The spacious, open-deck designs are ideal for lounging with loved ones or serving a small party of friends. Superior visibility while seated or standing, gives captains a more commanding view and a sense of connection to the environment.

Picnic Boat 34 MKIII

Hinckley offer the most refined iterations yet, all updated with state of the art systems and technology. Hull construction combines an inner layer of carbon laid bow to stern with a companion outer layer of Kevlar for bulletproof puncture resistance. A single infusion of epoxy forms a chemical bond for a lightweight hull of incredible strength and durability. Weight savings in the hull structure allow for the signature teak woodworking accents which are Hinckley hallmarks.

Sou’Wester 53

The essence of Hinckley’s Maine heritage is in our sailing vessels. Here you’ll find the classic shape, dramatic lines, and inner strength of a boatbuilding tradition that is equal to the challenges of the North Atlantic.

Bermuda 50

Hinckley has merged the integration of new technologies into the craftsmanship that guides our boatbuilding. The result is a fleet of sailboats that articulates a timeless aesthetic and the most advanced practices in yacht design and construction.