Sargo series: 36 Fly

Sargo 36 Fly’s cabin and cockpit have the unmistakable Scandinavian flair of clean lines, well-tested ergonomics, a palette of cool colors and an array of brilliant practical details.

Sargo 36

This majestic 36-footer offers two big cabins as bedrooms, two toilets and a separate shower cabinet. The standard amenities include an efficient heating system, an inverter, a microwave oven and a well-equipped pantry.

Sargo 33 is a compact boat radiating sportiness, safety and solidity. A long waterline combined with a strong V-shaped hull provides a pleasant ride also in rough conditions and at a speed up to 40 knots. The well designed walk around single-level deck with a high freeboard guarantees safety on board, and the stern deck furnished with an L shaped sofa is a natural gathering area  during the evenings.

Quick, gracious and comfortable. The boat behaves like a gentleman.
Sargo 31 has a displacement of five tons providing a ride performance that is both effortless and gracious. Yet, the vessel can still reach a top speed of up to 40 knots. The maritime interior is made to work, last and to meet your aesthetic expectations. The two spacious cabins offer each their good-sized twin beds. This is a truly ideal vacation cruiser for a family or two couples who want to get away from it all.

Quick, gracious and comfortable. The boat behaves like a gentleman.
The new Sargo walkaround boat features an entire deck all on one level. The side doors and the practical aft door combine a spacious cabin with a versatile rear hatch that allows increased activities. A large pantry and two sleeping compartments make the Sargo-31 an all-year-round boat.

Quiet, seaworthy and convenient. What a real family cruiser!
Sargo 28 features two separate cabins which makes it very suitable for memorable family vacations. The aft deck is spacious enough for happy gatherings in the harbor. The pantry allows you to prepare hot meals. The interior lighting relies solely on LED technology (minimizing fire danger and energy consumption). Sargo 28 is standard-equipped with tinted glass side windows and marine window defrosters, while the front windows are non-tinted to allow better nighttime visibility.

Sargo Boats

Sargo 36 Explorer

Spacious, safe and sporty. Are you ready for a relaxing cruise?
Sargo 36 Explorer boasts our biggest, very seaworthy hull providing a soft and dry ride due to the raised bow section. The extra wide walkaround layout features the non-skid single-level deck now painted in dirt-resistant grey, making it both easy and safe to move around. An extra large sliding cabin hatch consisting of three windows lets the sunshine and fresh sea air in. A nice gathering area can be found on the stern deck.

Sargo Boats

Sargo 33 Explorer

Sargo 33 Explorer is a solid family boat with a modern character. A long waterline and a strong-V strengthens the touch of sportiness and provides a safe ride experience. The walk around single-level deck with a high freeboard is equipped with black finished stainless steel rails. The large stern deck can be used for transport or as dining space. There is also a place for integrated cooler behind the steering cabin.

Sargo Boats

Sargo 31 Explorer

Sargo 31 Explorer – beyond standard.
Quick, gracious and comfortable. She moves gently, like a lady.
Sargo 31 Explorer has been created in order to extend the experience of robust comfort and aesthetic enjoyment in a compact cruiser of tough sportiveness.

Sargo Boats

Sargo 28 Explorer

Quiet, seaworthy and convenient. True performance with little noise.
Even in rolling seas Sargo 28 Explorer offers not only great handling but a surprisingly comfortable ride as she effortlessly cuts through the seas. This sporty, yet spacious vessel features two separate cabins which makes it suitable for memorable family cruises. The aft deck is ideal for gatherings in the harbor. Sargo 28 Explorer is equipped with tinted glass side windows and marine window defrosters, while the front windows are non-tinted for better nighttime visibility. All windows are glued and frameless for better durability and easier maintenance.

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