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How We Became Recognized Experts

No business is successful due to the sole work of an individual and we are no exception; channel.R’s  leader Riza Cagdas Cakir is a visionary entrepreneur who came back from various business setbacks during his twenties. 

Ensuring your safety

Riza has three major skills. Firstly, he’s not simply a yachtsman, he is a trained marine engineer. Secondly, he is a visionary leader. Thirdly, he is an excellent networker. You can read more about him here.

The channel.R Yacht Lifestyle network spans the globe. We can help you regardless of whether you’re in Turkey, the Gulf, Europe, North (or South) America, and Australia.

Amel Yachts


Sargo Boats

We represent major manufacturers such as Amel, Nordhavn, Sargo, Hinkley, Pursuit and Scorpion Ribs.



Scorpion Ribs

Worldwide Support

The channel.R yacht network trades worldwide bringing you exceptional quality and value. This include after-sales support and yacht management enabling you to enjoy long distance cruising, wherever you are in the world.