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We sell reliable yachts to exceptional people

and take the stress out of owning a yacht.

How To Maximise,
Pleasure From Your Yachting

You may want to be ‘hands on’ maybe sailing with just a mate as crew, or if you’re really experienced, even going solo. On the other hand, perhaps you need somewhere sumptuous and exclusive where you can meet informally with guests in your line of business. Then, you will need something larger, and possibly with a professional crew doing the sailing work. Both kinds of yacht are available, as well as most everything in between.

Less Work, More Pleasure.

Are you someone who enjoys treating your boat like a longstanding lover? We understand you and can help to obtain parts from local sources, as well as abroad. We also stock many commonly requested items ourselves. Perhaps you’re hankering for a change? You’ve spent years cruising with the family and now you fancy breaking out into something a little more racy. We have you covered.


It doesn’t matter if you’re experienced as a sailor or a raw beginner if you are going to sail you need access to a boat.

Not only are we able to sell you a vessel, using our exclusive network, you can also hire a suitable yacht, have your own boat completely refitted, trade up or trade down.

channel.R is set up as a one stop shop for all manner of yachtspeople and their needs.

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